Physical Conditioning

Álex Cuéllar Parreño is in charge of the fitness programmes in the area for our elite athletes. He´s Fitness and physic coach for elite athletes in sports such as basketball, tennis, athletics, volleyball, motorracing.
Head director of fitness in the tennis center of «Tenisval Altur & Alvariño» working with various players from the top 100 in the ATP, WTA and Davis Cup such us:

    • Daniel Gimeno Traver.
    • Andrey Kuznetsov. Davis Cup with Rusia.
    • Ricado Rodríguez. Davis Cup with Venezuela.
    • Estrella Cabeza. Federacion Cup with Spain.
    • Vladimir Volchkov – Semifinalist of Wimbledon in 1999 and Davis Cup with Belarus.
    • Ekaterina Makarova. Federation Cup with Russia.
    • Andrei Karatchenia – Davis Cup with Bielorrusia.
    • Bruno Rodríguez – Davis Cup with Mexico.
    • Elbert Sie – Davis Cup with Indonesia.
    • Christopher Rungkat -Davis Cup with Indonesia.
    • Komlavi Loglo – Davis Cup with Togo.
    • Stanislav Bykov – Davis Cup with Kazajistán.
    • Sherif Sabri – Davis Cup with Egipto.